Non woven lamination machine

non woven lamination machine

Non woven lamination machine is used for compositing non woven and BOPP film by extrusion lamination pp in the middle. This machine is widely used in non woven packing area, especially for making non woven bags.

Non woven lamination machine

non woven lamination machine


Application of non woven lamination machine

non woven lamination machine sample


Non woven lamination machine running process:

Unwinding–material feeding–extrusion proceeding–auxilary rolling–trimming–winding


Non woven lamination machine parameters:

Model BJLM1300/80
Screw Dia. φ80 mm
L/D 33:1
Finished film width 600-1200mm
Lamination Thickness 0.01-0.10 mm
Usable Resin(Coating Grade) LDPE、LLDPE、PP、EVA、EAA
Design Line Speed 120 m/min
Max. Extrusion Capacity 150kg/h
Main Motor Power 30kw
Total power 77kw
Dia.of Main Unwinding ≤φ1200 mm
Dia.of Auxiliary Unwinding ≤φ500 mm
Dia.of Winding ≤φ1200 mm
Weight 6t
Overall Dimension(L×W×H) 7400×7000×3200 mm
Power Supply 380/3/4/50(Volt/Ph/Line/Hz)

Different size model can be custom-made


Machine features:

  • Extrusion resin thickness uniformity±5%
  • Base material:Non-woven fabrics and BOPP
  • Raw material: PP
  • Drive Motor:Ac vector frequency conversion motor
  • Double-station Structure unwinder
  • Equipped with compounding unit for BOPP film



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